So when you flag a question as a duplicate StackOverflow automatically posts a comment saying that you think the question is a duplicate of.. [duplicate question link]

Today I flagged this question as "Unclear what you are asking" as it just says:

"I have problem with my App i made choose button to select file from PC but i got exception if i didn't choose any files hope anyone can help thanks"

with an image below.

I was wondering whether I should post a comment with a link to How do I ask a good question to help the user know how to post a good question

and whether others think it would be a good idea to have that comment happen automatically like the duplicate question comment or whether it would be annoying / patronising?


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That particular question is horrible, for several reasons.

  • the title does not describe the problem
  • the body of the post does not describe the problem
  • there is an image of source code (?) and error message (?) -- I'd need to download the image and view it at 100% to read it
  • it does not contain a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable Example of how to reproduce the error
  • (minor, and fixable by others) the text does not contain any punctuation, lowercase self referential 'i', does not end with a question mark but does end with 'thanks'.

Yes, the author needs to be pointed to the Help Center. In addition, he might well be advised to take the Short and Friendly Introductory Tour.


In advance of a question being closed/put on hold, I don't see a problem with trying to educate a user that asks questions that have close votes against them.

Once the question is actually put on hold, they get that information displayed below their post:

enter image description here

  • Oh yea, that's a good point. In this case the question has actually been put on hold for "Marked as Duplicate" I feel that in this case this leaves the issue that it is a bad question unresolved. I will go with @Jeeped's point and post a comment directing the user in the direction of one of those links
    – JKennedy
    Apr 29, 2015 at 10:39

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