I feel like this should be a comment/answer on a general feedback “question” for “Answer similar questions” since it's so narrow, but I couldn't find such a post.

I just met the new “Answer similar questions” feature after writing an answer to a question. So I thought, “Ah, I've heard about this! Let's take it for a spin.”

I click.

The results are indistinguishable from a sampling of questions — they're all of the common sort “how do I do this with this JavaScript library”, and of course I don't happen to know any of those libraries.

On the other hand, if I'd gotten a list of or questions, perhaps with extra similarity-magic, I'd much more likely have one to answer — perhaps even with some of the context and research I already pulled up for the first answer!

So, please show me only questions that have some evident similarity beyond the primary tag, at least when the tag is one which is so broad as . The simplest implementation that comes to mind is to just drop the primary tag (given some sort of condition for breadth).

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    Hmm. For a completely new user (who has answered their first question), the broadness of the primary tag might be good? Or maybe some kind of "tag power", where we determine how "strong" a given tag is to people answering in a clusters? Ie, P(you'd answer a javascript question | you answered a different javascript question) vs P(you'd answer a webgl question | you answered a different webgl question) or something? With "strong" tags (that cause user clumping) being followed more than weak tags? Apr 27, 2015 at 18:29


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