While voting a question for close as it was a possible duplicate, i just noticed that my closed votes left are 32. Is the number of votes or closed votes limited?

What will happen after 32 remaining will be used?

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Yes, the number of close votes is limited. You get 50 close votes per day (24 on other sites in the network). See the Privileges page for a full description: https://stackoverflow.com/help/privileges/close-questions

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    Oh, I always thought you to had to buy them from Shog9....so hard to get....
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As explained for example here:

  • Close/reopen votes

    • Fifty close/reopen votes per day per user on Stack Overflow

    • Twenty-four close/reopen votes per day per user on all other sites (source)

    • Close and reopen votes can be cast by users with 3,000 or more reputation

    • When you have five or fewer votes remaining for the day, a popup will inform you how many votes you have remaining after each vote you cast

    • If you reach the limit and try to vote again, a popup will indicate the number of hours you need to wait before voting again

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