Seeing some weird inconsistencies today with my rep on my profile.

I have a self answered question: AutoLayout multiline UILabel cutting off some text

I got an upvote on the question (10 points) and an upvote on the answer (5 points) over an hour ago.

I opened my profile and it tells me that I have received 10 points since my last visit. I have received 15 points on the objective-c tag since my last visit. Which contradicts itself. Also I am 99% sure I didn't get those 5 points. I believe my rep should now be 5093 not 5088.

Not sure if theres a way to verify this on my profile. Is there? has anyone else seen this issue?


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Yeah, something went wrong.

I queued your profile for a rep recalc. Should sort itself in a few minutes.

  • Showing up on stackoverflow now, thanks Apr 23, 2015 at 13:15

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