My answer was cloned and improved what should I do?

  • Should I delete my answer in favor of the better one?
  • Should I apply the improvement of the cloned answer on my own?
  • Should I add a reference to the better answer?

Or is it some thing else?

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    Is it better or is it just another way to do it? I, personally, wouldn't delete it. I might consider editing my answer and saying "Here's another take on my answer" and link to it just to show good sportsmanship. Apr 22, 2015 at 14:28
  • @MichaelIrigoyen No, it's actually an upgrade to my idea. I can's say another way, it's the same way only better. Apr 22, 2015 at 14:31
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    That person probably should have just edited your answer then. I don't think you should delete your answer if it isn't wrong. I don't think making your answer look like theirs is a good idea either. 1) Plagarism and 2) that's likely to come across as a malicious tit for tat move. You could add a reference to the other answer but I don't think you're obligated to. Personally, I'd just leave it alone.
    – BSMP
    Apr 22, 2015 at 14:39
  • Your answer is the most upvoted one there. Why would you want to delete it? You can try to add more details, to improve formatting, etc.
    – ForceBru
    Apr 22, 2015 at 15:08
  • ForceBru: Ilya's answer is far from being the most up-voted one on that question. BSMP: It's considered "bad form" to "improve" another user's post when that is changing the content / effect.
    – TZHX
    Apr 22, 2015 at 16:30
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    Is it just me, or is that a shockingly bad question, to end up with 84 upvotes?
    – Brad Werth
    Apr 23, 2015 at 4:14

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I would upvote the other answer, and if needed, leave a comment suggesting further improvement.

It looks like the other answer gave credit where credit was due, which is something we want to encourage here.

  • There's no reason to delete your answer, it isn't a bad answer and it looks like it may have already helped a few people.
  • Unless you intend to take the information from the new answer and expand on it, there's really no reason to copy the new info to your own answer.
  • I'm not sure what reference you're wanting to add to the other answer, but you may be better off adding a comment; let the other author make the decision to edit.

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