I used the blockquote feature to show files content on my post Same encryption Java code outputs undecryptable content in SAP PI but decryptable in Eclipse.

One of the file is a public key. I noticed that each quoted line starting with a "/" just continues inline with the previous instead of starting a new line.

So, this short 3 lines extract


is actually rendered as 2 lines when I quote it:

spZPoJDDoiM7oYZRW+ftH2EpcM7i16+4 /7fckKbAj030Nck0BjGZ//////////8A 7slmH2EEMd1WkgNMBawq2W9gEAkqgc8o

even if the post code looks like this:

> spZPoJDDoiM7oYZRW+ftH2EpcM7i16+4
> /7fckKbAj030Nck0BjGZ//////////8A
> 7slmH2EEMd1WkgNMBawq2W9gEAkqgc8o

Feel free to try editing this one to see by yourself.

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    Do you mean a blockquote? A comment is something else entirely. I'm seeing three lines, can you include a screenshot of what you're seeing that's not correct? What browser and OS are you using? – Anthony Grist Apr 17 '15 at 12:53
  • I do mean blockquote. I've edited the post to fix that. Also, I've made the lines shorter in the example so now you can see only the two lines instead of three. – Florent Apr 17 '15 at 13:14

This isn't limited to blockquotes that start with a slash.

For example:

> Line 1
> Line 2
> Line 3


Line 1 Line 2 Line 3

You need the trailing two spaces for it to be on separate lines.

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