Can we get a historical lock for this post (or delete it)?

It's very old, and off-topic as per today's standards.

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I see no reason for a historical lock on this question. George Stocker lists a series of guidelines for applying a historical lock in Historical lock for "barriers to understanding pointers"?

Blatantly off topic questions that meet the following criteria:

  • Lots of views (over 100K; but generally 350K+)
  • Lots of votes (multiple hundreds)
  • Lots of people linking to it
  • The fact that the information inside of it won't be obsolete -- it'll still be useful in a few years.

This meets none of these categories (ok, I can't tell if "Lots of people linking to it" is met, but I can guess that it doesn't since it only has ~730 views as of this writing).

The question is off-topic, just vote to close it (as enough people have done now). It will eventually be downvoted enough to make it eligible to deletion.

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