We have four tags that seem to be about the same concept:

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    This is about encoding text in/for a URL. Some characters are not valid for URLs. For instance ' or \ and more.

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    URL Encoding is a mechanism for encoding information in a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) under certain circumstances.

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    Percent-encoding (aka URL encoding) is the way that non-alphabet characters are encoded in URLs and URIs (e.g. spaces turn into %20).

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    (No tag excerpt/wiki.)

What to do?

I think we should only have one tag:

While could as well become the master tag, I think is the better choice because we would not have to decide if to use "uri" or "url", and as the tag name doesn’t contain one of these terms, users are less likely to confuse it with punycode (as the domain is also part of the URI and it’s also an encoding, so users might use "url-encoding" for questions about punycode). But I’m fine with , too.

sounds like a function name of a programming language instead of the name of the concept, but as it was not defined to be for such a specific function, we can’t retroactively define it like that because more than 1000 questions used it already without this meaning.

misses a hyphen.

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