Let's say I post a question and someone answers it. The answer does fix my problem but it's just a short, not-really-explaining-much answer. I accept it anyways, since it helped me solve my problem.

If then, someone else posts an answer to that same question (remember: I already accepted the other one) which does explain a lot and more or less contains the first answer, should I re-accept? So should I accept the second answer and give the first an up vote?

What do you think?


As per the help topic says, (emphasis mine)

As the author of the question, you have an additional option: accepting an answer that you believe is the best solution to your problem.

So, apparently, in your case, it is a time dependent matter. First, you accept the-then best answer. Later, if you get a better than the best answer which replies to yours question with more details and clarity, please feel free to re-accept.

Note: You can always upvote all the helpful answers. IMHO, that's the preferred way of saying 'thanks' around here. :-)

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