Let's say I post a question and someone answers it. The answer does fix my problem but it's just a short, not-really-explaining-much answer. I accept it anyways, since it helped me solve my problem.

If then, someone else posts an answer to that same question (remember: I already accepted the other one) which does explain a lot and more or less contains the first answer, should I re-accept? So should I accept the second answer and give the first an up vote?

What do you think?


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As per the help topic says, (emphasis mine)

As the author of the question, you have an additional option: accepting an answer that you believe is the best solution to your problem.

So, apparently, in your case, it is a time dependent matter. First, you accept the-then best answer. Later, if you get a better than the best answer which replies to yours question with more details and clarity, please feel free to re-accept.

Note: You can always upvote all the helpful answers. IMHO, that's the preferred way of saying 'thanks' around here. :-)

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