Updated for the November 2015 election!

I wrote a live election activity monitor which you can use to see the current status and watch the votes live; it shows the cutoff line for the final phase as well.

Image below is sample only, counts and ranks are outdated and do not reflect the current votes. See the actual page for current stats.

enter image description here

In the near future, I hope to say: We've actually been transfixed by it since the election began over in the election chat room. Be warned, it can be addicting (If you were witness to the intensity in the first 24 hours, you understand; fortunately for us all the voting activity has calmed down now).

I had originally kept it private to the chat rooms to avoid hammering my poor web server with requests, but I think it will be OK. Please don't share the link outside of SO posts and such. While this post is obviously available to the public, I'd rather it didn't make it out to Twitter, etc.

The application is easy on SO. The server scrapes the election page for vote counts once every 5 seconds and caches them locally. The web page reads the server-cached data.

There's also a version that attempts to look more like SO, although I prefer the Geocities look myself.

Source is on GitHub. Please don't make fun of it.


Also, poke has a really awesome user script that generates a static version of this table right in the stats page. Check it out!

Check out Undo's live vote monitor as well!

A more raw form of the data, sorted by votes, is available for bots and such, or you can do (thanks SecondRikudo):

watch -cd -n5 "curl -s http://disorient.ddns.net/SOVoteMonitor/raw | column -ts '\"'"

I'd prefer you use the web interface instead of the raw output for general watching, however, as it's a bit less bandwidth.

If you find yourself motivated to create a new front-end, or have any other use, /SOVoteMonitor/votes?t=c and /SOVoteMonitor/votes serve JSON data; the former serves a list of candidates sorted by user ID (this will never change and should only be queried once), the latter serves the current vote counts in the same order as the candidate list. The r field in both is the current server application version.

The e field in /votes?t=c is the timestamp of the end of the primary elections.

The s field in /votes is the data serial number, updated by server when vote counts changed. If s=<serial> is specified to /votes you'll get a 304 if the data hasn't changed. This helps minimize bandwidth. If you don't want to deal with 304's, don't pass s. s=0 is guaranteed to get a response.

The w field in /votes, if present, is an array of indexes into the original candidate info list of candidates who have withdrawn.

Change Log:

  • Version 16: Updated URLs for November 2015 election. GitHub source still on 14.
  • Version 14: Sloppily stop querying for updates after primaries end.
  • Version 13: Candidates who have withdrawn are now indicated.
  • Version 11: Added countdown timer! Also links to the no-longer-top-secret styles. Sorry about the momentary down time.
  • Version 8b: Added SO-style styling but I kind of like the current version better; so if you add the top secret style=so parameter, you'll get it. Also try style=astro.
  • Version 8: "Accum" saved in local storage across page refreshes (when supported), hopefully will no longer discourage folks to refresh page when update is made. Selected interval saved as well. Also no more new JSESSIONID cookies; it was a waste of bandwidth.
  • Version 7: Add data versioning and 304 responses, add dropdown to select interval (thanks MichaelT for suggestions). Also added "show debug info" at bottom.
  • Version 6: Added election info links.

Yes, I am aware that the sort is unstable and tied candidates swap places. It's part of the excitement.
  • 16
    "Source is on GitHub." You guys, it's written in JSP.
    – BoltClock
    Commented Apr 15, 2015 at 18:24
  • 15
    @BoltClock They didn't want anyone to steal the code. Commented Apr 15, 2015 at 18:25
  • 2
    Thank you for this script I'm using it the last two days and it is great!
    – rekire
    Commented Apr 15, 2015 at 18:33
  • 2
    I haven't dug into too deeply - given you are fetching JSON, is it feasible to have the 'if-modified-since' header on the request to avoid fetches of data that just says the same thing as last time?
    – user289086
    Commented Apr 15, 2015 at 18:51
  • 1
    possible duplicate of Can I see the 10 candidates in the primary that would proceed to election phase?
    – Anthon
    Commented Apr 15, 2015 at 19:05
  • 8
    @Anthon I decided to create a general post for this rather than leaving it in the answer there; since this is a bit broader scope than the feature request, and this post title is directly related to the application. Also this provides the opportunity for dedicated discussion. Personally, I would rather delete my answer there and leave this here. I left the answer there as a courtesy (I did edit it when I posted this to mention this post). :)
    – Jason C
    Commented Apr 15, 2015 at 19:07
  • 2
    @Anthon it is better to close that question as a dup of this one I think. Commented Apr 15, 2015 at 19:32
  • 1
    @psubsee2003 I'm not necessarily convinced about that, either. Anthon's post is tagged feature-request rather than support, so the presumption is that it's a request for SE to add a feature to the site itself. My application is somewhat incidental to that feature request. Slugster had brought the post to my attention and it seemed like a good place to mention the vote monitor that we'd already been using. What I probably should have done is mentioned it in a comment there which, actually, I am going to do.
    – Jason C
    Commented Apr 15, 2015 at 19:36
  • 1
    @JasonC the other aspect of that (and the associated header) is that if there are any proxies between you and us that are shared between us (say, at a university or company), its even fewer requests that actually hit your server because the fetch can resolved at the cache. Might also have a 'select polling rate' so those of us who aren't glued to the screen can select '2 minutes' rather than '5 seconds' (makes our own IT department that much happier).
    – user289086
    Commented Apr 15, 2015 at 20:07
  • 1
    Awesome! Thanks for the live monitor, I will try it now on my dev Machine.
    – j2gl
    Commented Apr 16, 2015 at 14:23
  • 5
    Yes, this is from the last 2015 election. I'll be reviving it for this one as soon as I can!
    – Jason C
    Commented Nov 12, 2015 at 17:14
  • 1
    @JasonC Cool. Thanks for doing this again.
    – elixenide
    Commented Nov 16, 2015 at 18:59
  • 3
    It's alive!!!!!
    – Jason C
    Commented Nov 16, 2015 at 20:07
  • 1
    Can't watch it on my work machine, but glad to see this works well on my phone! It looks like it's working great, Jason. Once again, good job.
    – Kendra
    Commented Nov 16, 2015 at 20:10
  • 1
    @JasonC Will the red line break be moved once the election phase starts to reflect that three moderators will be elected?
    – Trasiva
    Commented Nov 16, 2015 at 20:20


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