It seems that, somewhere on the Internet, there's a badly written PHP code sample1 purportedly explaining how to implement reCAPTCHA. Users frequently come to Stack Overflow to ask problems about this code, and most of the answers fail to fix it correctly. (Specifically, most of them fail to identify that, in PHP, $response.success==false is never true.)

There are a lot of questions about this code. Some of the ones I was able to easily find by searching for fragments of the sample code include:

What's the best way to handle "sort-of-duplicate" questions like these? Not all of them are asking exactly the same question, but all of their problems are stemming from the same source (namely, that the sample code they're trying to use is totally bogus).

  1. Yes, I know, that's arguably redundant. ;)

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This seems like a good candidate for a self-answered question. In the answer,

  • Critically examine the pitfalls you've identified.

  • Cite the Q&A in the info of the tag.

  • Use the Q&A to close duplicates or cite it in a comment on "sort-of-duplicate" questions.

  • Promote the Q&A among those wielding Mjölnir.

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