Looking the question here: How do I include a pipe | in my linux find -exec command? , RolfW.Rasmussen's answer appears quickly to be a nice one, as well as fiolo's. Which is better, not a point of discussion I want to raise here.

Anyway, look at raphaelfournier's answer. It is a 6-times upvoted comment. Cannot be anything else: "I was in the case of the original poster" and (the other solution) "is to be mentionned and up-voted".

I raised a flag, a moderator came and it was declined as "moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it". I really don't care about my flag being disputed here, but that blatantly low-quality crap like that, shall be left on the site, I cannot understand, and I cannot accept. Why, because it was upvoted?



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