The tag is still receiving plenty of junk questions (background), with a lot of users stating they were sent here by LinkedIn (e.g. here).

I thought it might be useful to add some material to the tag wiki to explicitly warn people off:

[original text describing the tag]

Please ensure that your question is not off-topic for StackOverflow before asking it here. Even if LinkedIn directed you here, the rules for what can be asked here are determined by StackOverflow, not LinkedIn.

In particular, questions about LinkedIn's terms of service, with registering for a service with them, or what APIs they will be offering in the future, are all off-topic for StackOverflow.

You may be able to contact LinkedIn customer support via this link.

I later noticed that this doesn't seem to have happened with some other tags that have been the target of similar outsourcing (I checked , , ), so I thought I'd better make sure it's ok. Also the tag wiki guide doesn't say anything about doing something like this.

Is this kind of change to the tag wiki acceptable/reasonable?

Anyone think it'll actually have any effect? :-)

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    It's reasonable, but no one who would be affected by it is ever going to read it there.
    – jscs
    Commented Apr 8, 2015 at 7:16


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