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This image is taken from the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2015 report.

The graph here shows five bars. The two relevant ones here are the 3rd and 4th, representing the 500-4,999 rep range and the 2-499 rep range.

The relevant text below the graph reads:

If rep equals money, you would only reach average developer status once you earned between 200-499 rep.

I don't see a 200-499 rep range on that bar graph.

Is the text suggesting that if the graph represented the 200-499 range, it would be 100% (exactly average)? Or should the text read "2-499"? Or should the text read "500-4,999"?

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As the ranges are increasing equally (one after the other):

1. 1            \
2. 2-499         \ 
3. 500-4,999      } They all start one after previous
4. 5,000-9,999   /
5. 10,000+      /

It's most likely that this is how they intended the graph to be.

The average wouldn't be between 500-4,999 rep as that would already be above the 100% threshold.

They are assuming that everyone can interpolate the data in the 2-499 (91%) range to understand that 200-499 would yield 100% of the average salary earnings.

To prove this, you can plot the first three percentages (1 rep - 500 rep) in Excel and add a trendline to interpolate the data:

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(Note: It is assumed that the percentages take effect at the beggining of the given ranges because the first and last x value are not "ranged")

Using the formula which was derived from the graph, you can solve for y=1 which would give you 100% of the average salary.

enter image description here

As you can see, when y=1, x=326.75 which is almost exactly between 200 and 499 reputation, just like the question claims.

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