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A couple of days back someone asked a question on SO that he wanted to do X (show an array in a message box) in Y (console application) and the first answers it got told the OP that you can infact do X but not in Y but in Z(Forms application) So change your project and all is well. These answers even got upvotes. Then after couple of hours I saw this and posted an answer how the OP can infact do what he wants as he wants. Though he did not bother to accept the answer and the thread was thus not closed.

I then searched SO and found there was no question/answer that specifically asked/answered if we can show a message box in a .net console app. So I thought why not ask and answer this question so it may help others as is the old adage share your knowledge Q & A style

  • But I received a downvote not only on the question but on the answer so it got me thinking that I must have misunderstood the purpose of the SO Q & A and thus I post this question here so that in the future if faced with a similar situation I know what to do.
    Was I correct in posting the Q & A at all?
  • Should I delete my post or let it stay?

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  • @user4098326 though the link does not exactly answer my query, I have used the guidance given in it to improve my Q & A. thanks – Syed Osama Maruf Mar 29 '15 at 7:01

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