I was just editing/formatting the question Using basic arrays to sort an input and came across a peculiarity. I was trying to enter a line as:

> 1 1

so that it would appear as a quoted block, like this:

1 1

but on SO, using my browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Safari — latest versions — on Mac OS X 10.10.2), I got output like:

enter image description here

instead of like it displays above here on MSO. Do you see the glitch, or is that a quirk in my browsers (restart needed, or reboot needed?), or is there some other bug here?


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The user had somehow gotten a couple of soft hyphens into their text. The actual text was:

(soft hyphen)> (soft hyphen)1 1
  • Curious, but sounds reasonable. I'd done some 'delete what is there and retype it' style editing without success, which puzzled me. I'd go back and have another go at it, but I see you've already fixed it, so clearly I hadn't quite done enough remove and retype editing. Thanks! Mar 28, 2015 at 20:18

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