Something I've noticed in my short time here is that new users often ignore the recommendation in the and tags to

Use the more generic tag if your question is not version-specific.

Let me clarify that I'm talking about questions that are unquestionably non-version specific (pretty easy to tell in Python). Resultantly, they'll generate very little views on their respective questions even if they're the sort of questions the following folks like to jump all over and provide 8 solutions to in 15 minutes, since for instance has ~15 times less followers than .

This is great news for those people like me that are following the version-specific tags in addition to the tag as it gives me a much better chance of answering a question first, however it hardly guarantees the OP the same quality of answers or at least level of views as they would get with the tag.

You could maybe argue these people deserve less views for neglecting to read the tag descriptions, but could suggesting an edit (out of the OP's best interest) to add the tag to non version-specific questions when I happen to see them be an acceptable action? I witnessed a bit of a kerfuffle here yesterday regarding the tag which made me question this enough to ask about it here.

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    A big part of that "kerfuffle" was that the user in question single-handedly edited hundreds of questions in a single sitting. If you're just re-tagging questions as they pop up, it's not a big a deal. That user was also doing the exact opposite of what you're proposing here: they were removing a more generic tag that still applied perfectly well (or so say the other users in that Meta post, I'm not familiar with VBA), as opposed to adding a more generic tag. Commented Mar 27, 2015 at 22:01
  • @ThisSuitIsBlackNot I appreciate the insight, they are very much not the same, thanks :)
    – miradulo
    Commented Mar 27, 2015 at 22:41

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...could suggesting an edit (out of the OP's best interest) to add the tag to non version-specific questions when I happen to see them be an acceptable action?


In general, if there's a more appropriate tag that could replace or add to existing tags, that's a perfectly reasonable edit suggestion. That being said, do try to fix anything else you can while you're editing it.

  • Of course yeah, I like associating edits with myself that (hopefully) fix everything. Thanks!
    – miradulo
    Commented Mar 27, 2015 at 21:50

Yes, adding the tag helps everybody:

  • OP because not everyone has the specific python+version tags in their filters (not that it's difficult, mind, just filter on [python] or [python-2.7] or [python-3.x] and you're done)
  • Another argument is that many people have the gold badge, and are able to singlehandedly close as duplicate if needed, whereas fewer people have or gold badge, and if a user edits to add the , he/she's not allowed to hammer the post afterwards (that could lead to abuse)

I personally don't see any question that could be only python 2.7 related, and not python related. I've never seen a revert by OP or other users when the generic tag was added. And I add it on each python question that doesn't have it, good or bad.

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