I noticed the day after I posted a comment to a question that I accidentally posted it as an answer. After down-voting an answer, the popup pointed out that it would be useful to tell the reason for the down-vote, and apparently I didn't pay enough attention to where it was going.

I don't mind the down-vote on my answer, and I'm happy it got deleted right away (because yes, mine was definitely not an answer either), but it would be nice to change it as a comment into the answer I down-voted so it'd possibly be useful and the person who submitted the answer would improve on it.

Is there any way my answer could be turned into a comment into the correct place? Is it possible for me to do it manually, is there a mechanism that does it automatically?

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Just do it manually, it is far easier.

There is a mechanism that can do it automatically, but it is only available to moderators and used when low-rep users post otherwise helpful comments as an answer. You'd have to flag your post for moderator attention and request they convert the post, but since this is easily done yourself, please don't go bother the already very busy moderators about this. It's not like it is hard.

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