I've come across posts that look pretty terrible in Triage, but look like they have enough information to be answerable, and potentially slightly useful questions.

Unfortunately, due to formatting and grammar errors (among other things) I can't really tell. I could flag them as "unclear what you're asking" because it is unclear, but they aren't necessarily unsalvagable - I just can't tell before trying to salvage it. Is there a better option than flagging, or opening it in another window to edit first?

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Well, you can always Skip...

No, really - if you're not sure, Skip - let someone else take a crack at it.

I was gonna follow that up with more detailed guidance, but then I realized I'd be making it all up - I just Skip these. Skip. Skip. Skip until you find one you know at a glance where it should go.

Flies in the buttermilk...

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