I know that answers which have a score of -3 or less are grayed-out. But now I've been noticing some answers which are not grayed out (like this and this) even though they have a score less than -2. This is seen on Meta as well (like answers at the bottom of this question).

I searched for the explanation on Meta Stack Overflow and found this page which says that the threshold for graying-out answers on Meta has been changed to -8 votes. But some of the heavily downvoted answers here(even with a score of -17) aren't grayed-out.

Why? Am I missing something? Has the graying-out feature of answers been removed from Stack Overflow and Meta.SO?

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It's a bug apparently: Answers with score of -3 or lower (on normal sites) and -8 or lower (on meta sites) are no longer greyed out after the series of redesigns

Notice stating it will be fixed:

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I have pushed a fix for this. It should fix all the sites that were affected by this. The change will be on live after our next production build.

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