I've flagged this question as duplicated, but when I put the link to dupe question, I click the wrong browser tab and I flagged it with a this PHP question by mistake, instead of this javascript question.

I changed the autocomment, so OP can go to the correct answer for him, but... can I change the target of the flag?


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As of today, you can change the duplicate link - if you have a gold badge for one of the tags on the question.


You can't. Once cast, you can only retract a close vote. You cannot re-cast or change your vote.

When you gain a gold tag-badge in one of the tags on the post, your vote would have closed the post immediately (this is called 'the dupehammer'), at which point you can also edit the links.

If you don't have a relevant gold tag badge yet (and you don't when your vote didn't have instantaneous effect), you can make it clear in the comment you mis-flagged, or you can try and get some help in a chat room. Talk to people familiar with the tags and they'll probably close the dupe for you.


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