The wikiless has become way, way too ambiguous. The very first page in its newest tab has questions that use it to refer to

et cetera.

As the majority of the questions in the tag are about Adobe Director, I propose that its tag wiki be changed appropriately and all questions unrelated to Adobe Director be un-tagged and, if possible, re-tagged.

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    I'd create a new adobe-director class, retag what's clearly on that topic, remove the director tag from everything else. With 55 posts that's not that many and the non-adobe-director uses cannot be numerous enough to warrant separate tags. – Martijn Pieters Mar 11 '15 at 8:08
  • @MartijnPieters: that may be a good option! – Mints97 Mar 11 '15 at 8:20
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    Real life movie directors and related to programming? Questions about how HAL was programmed? – Jongware Mar 11 '15 at 21:52
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    @Jongware: no, homework question with the assignment having something about movie directors in it =) – Mints97 Mar 12 '15 at 4:51

I've created , gave it a minimal wiki page and retagged posts that are clearly about the topic. Please do review the wiki text, I probably got something wrong.

I've voted to close the following questions (retagged as needed):

General computing, not programming:

Professional network and server setup:

Recommendation requests:

The remaining uses of where not really numerous enough to deserve their own tags; there was one testing library with the word director in the name, some misspellings (directory is not the same thing as director) and a few uses of a director concept in three unrelated frameworks (all involving different programming languages).

I didn't think the 10 questions about the Corona Director class that used deserved a separate tag; if someone disagrees you'd create a new tag for these questions; there may be a case for them.

The tag is now empty and will be deleted with the next zombie tag reaping round.


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