I'm unable to type * asterisk in BulletedList while answering and asking question.

Please find below screenshot for reference.

enter image description here

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Use a Backslash Escape to escape the * with a \ as follows:

- \* aa
- bb


  • * aa
  • bb

Source Markdown: Syntax

Backslash Escapes

Markdown allows you to use backslash escapes to generate literal characters which would otherwise have special meaning in Markdown’s formatting syntax. For example, if you wanted to surround a word with literal asterisks (instead of an HTML tag), you can use backslashes before the asterisks, like this:

\*literal asterisks\*

Markdown provides backslash escapes for the following characters:

\   backslash
`   backtick
*   asterisk
_   underscore
{}  curly braces
[]  square brackets
()  parentheses
#   hash mark
+   plus sign
-   minus sign (hyphen)
.   dot
!   exclamation mark
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    @Rahul The reason you have to do this is because the * is used as another character for lists. So seeing - * at the front of the line, it thinks you're trying to start a list inside a list.
    – animuson StaffMod
    Commented Mar 11, 2015 at 15:48

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