Some queues have a filter option that allow reviewers to only review items related to specific tags. For example, the First Posts review queue has one:

First Posts review queue tag filter

I feel most comfortable improving questions about technologies that I have a decent handle on, and I would like to focus on those questions. I skip a lot of the questions in the queue if I don't understand the technologies because I find myself asking questions like the following:

  • Is that a misspelled acronym or just one I haven't seen before?
  • Is that improperly formatted code that's making this hard to read or a strange but idiomatic construct?
  • If I knew the technology better, would I be able to find a question in the blocks of text full of terms I don't understand?

I know that there is an inherent risk in improving questions in a subject area I know well: it could be easy to accidentally make assumptions about the asker's intent since I understand the subject better. However, that risk is already there since I can already come across questions in subject areas I understand well. I don't think implementing this feature request would increase that risk.

I think I could complete improvements faster and more accurately if I could focus on my preferred technologies, and thus request a tag filter for the Help & Improvement review queue.



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