I just found out that there is SQA, a Stack Exchange site that deals with quality assurance and testing. At the moment there are 20 questions dealing with SilkTest over there. On the other hand side, Stack Overflow even has a tag with 52 questions.

The SQA tour says I should ask about

Specific issues with software quality assurance or testing
Real problems or questions that you’ve encountered

which could apply to programming issues (e.g. with SilkTest here) as well.

Should I start asking programming related SilkTest questions on SQA or should I stick to Stack Overflow?


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If its actually programming related (ie, there's some code involved), then ask here. If that overlaps SQA, so be it, you can ask either place.

If its purely related to using the software, or other aspects of software testing that aren't programming, then ask there, not here.

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