I am looking for a reasonable architecture of my software.

One decision I have to take is what file format I use to describe a subpart of my system (connections and devices). The subpart should be compatible to a set of existing software (MATLAB, Simulink, etc.), but that domain (electrical engineering) is unknown to me.

How can I ask a question like that without it being an opinion poll?

I can not ask my question straight out, because I feel like the answer would map to one question and N possibly correct answers.

The question I am thinking of would go like this:

"I am looking for a way of describing electrical connections between hardware (power supplies, etc.) with a file format or a library that is widely used in electrical engineering and also an open and well documented standard."

I can not see how to ask this question on Stack Overflow.

How and where could I ask this question?

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    Ask it on a site other than SO. Or chat, if you really want to. – Servy Mar 5 '15 at 14:57

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