I know that holders of gold tag-specific badges have certain closing privileges.

Are there any other gold badge superpowers or anything at all for bronze or silver badge holders?

Please note that I'm not suggesting that there should be any. I'm merely inquiring about the status quo.


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In the status quo, there are no special privileges earned by holders of bronze or silver tag badges.
You just get the bragging rights, and a higher colored circle count on your user card/flair.

The ability of gold tag badge holders to cast a binding vote when marking a question as a duplicate is a relatively new feature, and similar privileges have been considered in various contexts but not yet added for lesser tag badge holders.


Nothing on the site itself. However:

Cody Gray has phrased it as bragging rights, but perhaps it can somehow be more highlighted on your developer profile (something StackExchange employees would have to do something) or you can just share a link on your resume and say the Stack Overflow community trusts me this much because I have earned this badge. (Though doing this is likely only good for new/young/junior developers)

To me it clearly outshines LinkedIn endorsements. I mean any Tom, Dick, and Harry can endorse anyone on LinkedIn, but on Stack Overflow there are measures in place to avoid fake reputation.

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