There are 328 questions tagged . It doesn't have a wiki/excerpt. It doesn't have any followers. It is mostly used with a variety of other tags to mention audio clips or video clips or the act of clipping like clipping images, maps, audio and video or about the clip property in CSS as mentioned by Jason.

I think for for audio and video clips clipping tag is not necessary and just and tags will do.

For clipping related questions there is already a tag and it has a wiki/excerpt and 5 followers.

I think the CSS clip property related questions can have a tag.

Some other related tags

  • - Its about a programming framework which is sometimes misused and might need some clean up.

  • - Its about an object related to Adobe Flash which is sometimes misused and also might need some clean up.

So what do you guys think? Should it just be cleaned up or both cleaned up and burninated?



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