Each time I review 20 questions (on "triage" for instance), I get a timer "come back in X hours".

I get the timer feature, it prevents the site from getting exclusively moderated by "whoever is online right now".

What I don't get is that every time I reach the 20 questions mark, the timer increases by 1 hour. Why does it work this way ?

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    Because you get faster in reviewing, and finish 20 reviews sooner every time? It has to stop though, the time period will not be over 24 hours. – user3717023 Mar 2 '15 at 12:59

Your quota resets every day at UTC 00:00 (midnight in the UK at the moment).

If you see the timer increase each time you reach your quota, you are simply getting faster at reviewing; you finished earlier than the day before so there is more time to go before you reach UTC 00:00 again.

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