This is a follow-up of a previous question. In the comments, we found out that I can access the revision history of the deleted answer but not the source code. Those initial links were given by a 10k+ user, but see the following on how I could construct them on my own.

Note that I didn't delete the answer myself. It was deleted because the question was deleted.

Step by step:

  • From the list of my deleted answers I can get the link to the deleted question where I gave an answer.

  • Clicking that link gives me a HTTP 404 not found page. Probably because I'm not a 10k+ user.

  • Extracting the answer ID (28585651), I can construct a revision link for my answer which I'm able to access.

  • Being there, I wanted to click the source link in order to copy the markdown for putting it into my own Wiki.

  • Clicking the link gives me a HTTP 404 not found page again.

  • Clicking the side-by-side markdown link shows me the markup, but only partly.

My feature request:

a) instead of linking to the deleted question which I am not allowed to see, please link to the answer revision instead. This may be done for <10k users only, and 10k+ users can get the link to the question instead.

b) Let me see the markdown, since I'm the author of it.



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