I fell at How last thrown Exception contains previously thrown Exception? question today, and it was tagged with . After reading its tag wiki describing it with The Maven Failsafe Plugin is used to run integration tests with Maven build tools. (which is the same description of ), I decided to retag it to , but I feel it might not be the best way to resolve that.

Obviously, there's a problem here.

As a suggestion to resolve past and further potential ambiguity problems, there are a few approaches (the striked ones were eliminated since some commenters have discouraged them):

  1. Change tag wiki to failsafe in the broader meaning, and everything might be alright.
  2. Make tag a synonym of + Retag the non-Maven-related questions.
  3. Retag the non-Maven-related questions to * + Burninate .
  4. Retag the Maven-related questions to + Retag the non-Maven-related questions to .


  • Do you agree with the ambiguity?
  • If so, do you agree with the remaining suggestion?
  • Which tag should we use for the non-Maven-related questions?

¹ Here is the list with the 18 non-Maven-related questions tagged with (needs revision):

  1. fail-safe .htaccess?
  2. Fail safe code for cgi python scripts
  3. Failsafe Coding
  4. how to protect my process from being killed?
  5. Handling exceptions that are caused by logging
  6. Can a git repository be corrupted if a command modifying it crashes or is aborted?
  7. Failover strategy for database application
  8. javascript fail-safe plugins
  9. reactor vs proactor
  10. Arduino Fail-Safe Mechanism
  11. https://stackoverflow.com/q/12672217/1064325
  12. https://stackoverflow.com/q/13432909/1064325
  13. Achieving Fail-safe behaviour in flow
  14. fail fast iterator implementation
  15. PHP Failsafe If Unable to get_contents
  16. Concurrent Hashmap - Fail safe issue
  17. How EnumMap fail safe though it is not syncronized
  18. How last thrown Exception contains previously thrown Exception?
  • @KevinBrown I'll add your suggestion to the list.
    – falsarella
    Feb 26, 2015 at 19:41
  • I think retagging to remove [failsafe] is the best option. Since failsafe has at least two meanings in this community, it is not a synonym of anything (in this system, a synonym can only point to one thing). Feb 27, 2015 at 1:02


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