I asked another meta question about configuring NoScript to allow the Stack Overflow feature, Runnable Snippets, through the XSS filtering feature of NoScript. So far I have gotten several down votes, but I'm not sure if it's because it is off-topic, or whether it's outside of the meta scope.

Since this is a question about how to use a tool in a proper manner, does it belong on Super User? However, since this question pertains directly to site structure and allowing a feature set to be used with an existing tool, should it be asked on meta since it deals with URL structure of the site?

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Questions pertaining to how to configure a browser extension such as NoScript are on topic at Super User. Super User even has a NoScript tag with 46 questions.

As I commented on your other question, I believe the downvotes are related to the fact that meta.SO is for questions about SO related topics, and your question is basically asking for a regex to configure a plugin.

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