If you see the Help Center>Privileges, you can see that Creating Posts is one of the privileges earned at 1 rep. New users start with 1, so they can start questioning/answering right away. Right now I have 10 rep, a low value since I wasn't active for some time. Thus, it may be possible for me to lose all the reps, if I get too many down votes or something.

If that happens so, I think I may even lose the Creating Posts privilege, if my reputation falls to zero. It is almost impossible to do something here, unless I make a new account or I earn reps again by the question already uploaded.

Is this possible? I mean, is the first 1 reputation protected or not? If not, then what specifically will happen if I lose it?


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Is this possible?

No, your reputation cannot drop below 1. That'd be a painful mistake for anyone who asked a bad question as their first.

You can get question banned though, which means you will not be able to ask questions without improving your old ones.

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    Oh... Thanks... I was just worried if I may be banned from Stack Overflow by low rep.
    – MetaData
    Commented Feb 18, 2015 at 3:48

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