I intended to edit this question: Sorting an array on more than one criterion but when I clicked Edit I was presented with

enter image description here

and no option to see the markdown or HTML to adjust the large bold font which has been used.

Is this an improvement which I do not understand?

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The horizontal line of dashes ------------ assumes that the text above it is a <h2> style heading. If you want a horizontal line you should add a line break before and after it.

See the editing help section about headings.


I don't know why this causes the giant bold block, but the

Below the paragraph is doing it. If you add a new line, it works as expected. For example:

Bold text

So no, editing isn't borked, its just that the thing causing the bold isn't obvious/expected.


That's a Markdown heading (H2 -> equivalent to ## Heading).

You can create a heading

Like this

Or like this

See source.

Essentially, whenever you use break notation (---) without an empty line above it, whatever is in the line above it turns into a heading. This is intended to be an intuitive way to separate sections.

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