In my post here, the C# highlighting is incorrect:

  • Randomly, the DXGI namespace isn't highlighted (maybe because all uppercase)
  • bool and get are not recognized as keywords.
  • set is recognized as a type name.

And I wonder why!

  • The question has a [C#] tag.
  • I even directed the highlighter that the big code block consists of C# code with <!-- language: lang-cs -->

What did I do wrong? :(


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the DXGI namespace isn't highlighted (maybe because all uppercase).

That's pretty much it. The prettifier is very simple and basic; it highlights words in CamelCase as types, but DXGI is not using camel-case.

Issues with the prettifier should be reported to the Google Code Prettify project. However, I'd wager this specific issue is already known.

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