I asked a question that had been asked previously... My question is here: How to set a SELECT control using text instead of value using jquery?

And it was marked as [duplicate] by a moderator, with 2 similar questions..

But the site displays the wrong syntax. It says:

This question already has an answer here:

When it should really say:

This question already has answers here:

Especially since there are more than one questions with similar context.

enter image description here


This is really too minor, plus not really a problem.

"This question already has an answer here" can be interpreted as "There is at least one answer among those listed below that answers this question as well" - and that answer is what you seek.

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    So I can stop typing now then..! If there's more than one answer there's still "an" answer, there's just some others as well. – Ben Feb 16 '15 at 12:33

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