What should we do with theoretical questions on algorithm complexity not associated with any programming code?

Can they be moved to Computer Science or any other better suited site?

Here's just one example: Time-compexity of an algorithm

I noticed that the Computer Science site actually has a complexity-theory tag.

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Based on this answer on Meta Stack Exchange:

Computer Science

For questions about computer science, as in the academic discipline. As a rule of thumb, if your question depends on real-life languages/code/hardware/..., ask on Stack Overflow; if your question calls for abstract/mathematical models and reasoning, ask on Computer Science. Algorithms expressed in pseudocode straddle the border.

Computer Science will be a better fit than Stack Overflow. The users on Computer Science have (on average) a more mathematical background than they do here, which is necessary to provide good answers to these kind of questions.

  • That sounds to me like this question should be migrated
    – gman
    Commented Nov 29, 2020 at 3:04

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