While going through the low-quality answer queue, I run into a lot of answer that address the question, have a correct solution, but don't provide much context or an explanation.

When I encounter these, I usually leave a comment and skip them in the queue. For example:

The options in the queue are:

  • "Looks OK"
    • I suppose they do, but only OK
  • "Edit"
    • I could take the code and explain it, but that seems like a significant change to someone's answer and a great opportunity to misinterpret and misrepresent their solution
  • "Recommend Deletion"
    • No, it's a perfectly correct answer, it would just be better with more detail.
  • "Skip"
    • What I've mostly been doing, but it seems wrong, since it leaves the answer in the queue.

What is the appropriate review action for a correct but terse answer? What's the best way to ask the poster for elaboration? Is this common enough that it has a button (or should have a button, or has been discussed before)?


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