A few moments ago, I accepted a suggested edit to a pretty poor question.

Looking at it, I felt that while the question still wasn't perfect, the edit was an improvement and perhaps could aid to drawing an appropriate answer. After clicking accept, I went back to the question to leave a comment to the OP of the post as well.

That's when I realized the question had already been closed, and suddenly I regret my decision because I started to realize that while the edit was an improvement, it didn't really make the question any better for SO. I made a mistake, and it wasn't until I saw other users close the question as off topic that it hit me.

I believe it would be helpful if reviewers could see the status of a question if it has been put on hold, as well as the reason why. As a reviewer, it's not always black and white to me whether or not to approve edits on certain questions that were originally poor; A good question asked in a poor manor can easily go unnoticed on the forum, so any edit to improve that question could be helpful.

In this particular case, while the edit improved the question, I don't think it made it any more worthy of being reopened. This is something I overlooked, and I know I am not the first or last person to do so. However, had I seen some sort of signal that the question had already been closed, I likely would have asked myself if the edit was beneficial enough to change that.

Does anyone else think that the status of a question should be included in the edit review queue (if necessary)? Are there other benefits, and is there a consequence to having that extra information?

I am open to the discussion of whether or not I should/shouldn't have approved that edit, or if I am approaching it the wrong way, but I hope that the feature request can be independent of this example.


The status of the question shouldn't affect your decision to edit it. If the edit is substantial and good enough, the question stands a chance of being reopened, which is a good thing.

So let it be said that I don't think that such a feature would be a good idea. It'd harm more than help, as there are questions which are good that could use a bit of polish out there.

That said, this is one of those cases in which an editor must be a bit more vigilant. Edit those questions which actually stand a chance of helping others out and have some lasting value for the site. If we pare down the contents of this question, here's what we get:

I have the following code: (syntatically incorrect code here)

I get the following errors: (compiler informing user of syntatically incorrect code here)

Please help!

There's nothing here that I see helping anyone more than a guide on Java syntax, which could be found anywhere else on the 'Net. It's not a question I'd have deemed worth editing, and any edits on it I'd have probably said in a custom response something to that effect.

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