When reviewing posts in Stack Overflow, every little while a test showed in between to see if I'm paying attention or not, so, when failing in these tests what happens?(I'm not talking here about failing in one or two), I think the user who fails in like 4 or 5 consecutive tests must panned from reviewing a little portion of time, is that happens or not? I think it must be exists to increase the quality of posts in the community.

another thing, a request to SO, kindly make tests more hard and give us more challenges, it's just so easy for me or any one to know that this is a test post by simply see the user name and picture:

enter image description here

it won't hurt if SO just added a fake name and photo to trick the reviewer, as this will lead to:

  1. High quality reviewing process as reviewers have to pay attention more and more.
  2. The first point will lead us to a high quality posts.
  3. Gives us the feeling that you are respecting our minds, c'mon people we are developers and we won't be tricked that way.(unless if there's someone who keeps pressing random buttons to make a large reviewing numbers)