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See for example this question related to PowerShell: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28311739/powershell-getting-the-string-value-of-variable-manipulating-variable


And this is how I see it in PowerShell ISE:

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So I guess I'm saying... some color formatting would be nice :)

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You can actually get syntax coloring for PowerShell if you add this line before your code:

<!-- language-all: lang-powershell -->


$include = @("*.csv", "*.txt","*.dat")
$oldday = (Get-Date).AddDays(-2)
$path = "C:\TESTING\tester\test1\testfiles"

$Allfiles = Get-Childitem -Path $path -include $include -recurse| Where {!$_.PSIsContainer -and ($_.CreationTime -gt $oldday)} | Select-Object Fullname

foreach ($file in $Allfiles)
       $file1 = $file.Fullname
       $foldername = Get-ChildItem -Path $file.Fullname
       $input = $foldername.Directoryname
       $Mothername = Get-Item -Path $input
       $output = $Mothername.Parent.Fullname
       $output = "$output\sc"
       Write-Host "The Filename: $file1"
       Write-Host "The FolderName: $input"
       Write-Host "$output"
       $argument = "$input $output $input"

For more information, see What is syntax highlighting and how does it work?.

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  • Perhaps worth noting is use of <!-- language: lang-none --> after the code block in question, e.g. if some output or error message is formatted with four leading spaces. – Peter Mortensen Apr 9 '17 at 9:44

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