Both have similar wiki descriptions, and both have similar sets of questions.

Thirdly there is also , which again has the same description, but its questions are slightly different, some about video capture (despite the wiki description being the same as 's and .

In short, and should be merged at the least.

An example from each of the three tags:

  • ... and capture should obviously be burninated, keeping in mind the proper tags. Feb 2, 2015 at 17:26

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I decided to look through the questions in again, as it was pointed out that it can also include of the screen.

So because is actually very broad, and based on the questions it is also ambiguous, I propose that we burninate it. This means retagging questions as , , or whatever other tag better fits the question.

If someone wants to propose a list of low-hanging fruit that can be re-tagged, feel free to modify this to incorporate it.

As far as , I think it should be burninated. It's pretty broad and ambiguous, and might deserve it's own burnination request.

This leaves 576 questions which don't fit into the above categories.


Strongly disagree with the synonym either way.

can mean video capturing, realtime or recorded, while is a static recorded image.

It's more of a problem with tag wiki; it should be improved.

Edit: Okay, it's not as simple.

  • There is a tag for video capturing
  • Wikipedia lists "screen capture" as a synonym of "screenshot".

I think this synonymization is ambiguous: quite a few of the questions in actually concern video capture.

Considering this, maybe it's better to burninate to disambiguate it.

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