In December 2013, someone created the tag . It currently has 18 questions, only 7 of which have answers.

This tag should either be deleted (migrating questions to tag ) or made a synonym for , or at least have its spelling corrected: "standford" is a misspelling of "stanford".

The topic of is a subset of what is covered by . The reasons for suggesting deletion or making a synonym are: is already a highly specialist, low-volume tag, and so it doesn't make much sense to have an even finer subcategory; many of the questions in are already about Stanford CoreNLP - many more than in ; and (whether for spelling or specialization reasons) doesn't have a robust community of question answerers.

Could someone take this on? Since I don't have any points on the tag, I can't do anything. But I am the most active contributor to the tag.

  • Feel free to retagged the questions with available tag first (perhaps stanford-nlp). The tag will be automatically deleted on next day if there are no questions tagged with.
    – Andrew T.
    Feb 2, 2015 at 5:07


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