I was editing "SSIS - Can you use a parameterised query to populate a Lookup Transformation?", and wanted to add a tag to indicate that it's a question about an SSIS Data Flow. I didn't see one right away (to my surprise), so I created the tag and created the tag wiki at the same time.

Later, I found the tag. It looks like this has been used for questions about SSIS Data Flows 46 times. Now, the obvious thing would be to add as a synonym for this tag. I would have found the tag that way.

On the other hand, this tag has no tag wiki, and I'm quite sure that far more than 46 of the 8,266 questions are about data flows.

Maybe we can do something like rename to , and then transfer over my tag wiki edit? It would then be safe for someone to edit data flow questions to add the tag.

But what do you all think?

Another reason I ask is that the last time I created a tag, I was threatened with suspension.

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Personally, I think both tags are somewhat useless and should be burninated. There's probably 5-7 people that regularly answer questions related to SSIS. In my time, I've never met nor seen anyone that understands the Dataflow components but couldn't explain a Control Flow Task. Plus, I watch the SSIS tag and sometimes the ssis-2012 tag for questions. So, new person writes up a killer SSIS question and only tags it with ssis-data-flow, they might be waiting a long time for an answer.

If we wanted SSIS tags that meant something, perhaps a development versus management (everything related to deployment, scheduling, troubleshooting permissions etc).


Seems there are often 2 schools of thought: compose tags v. composite tags.

For example:

  • ssis-dataflow-task is a "composite tag" - an all-in-one tag that says it all.
  • ssis dataflow task is composition of tags.
  • (Disclaimer: this is about tags, not whether the tag should be "dataflow" or "dataflow-task" or "dataflowtask")

It's hard to know when someone will choose the "composite-tag" approach or the composition of tags approach.

And, I am not sure if Synonyms necessarily help in this case. Also, I often type and watch for matches when I tag my questions, and observe what comes up - further, then I see both the composite style and the component style tags, I bias toward the one with more uses.

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