When viewing unregistered users (example, but he's probably about to get destroyed), the 'unregistered' indicator is offset wrong:

Unregistered user

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The offset is actually the same (see it on another site - and yes, it took me a while to find an unregistered user on another site), but the new design decreased the font size of the username and moved the "less info" up a little bit, which makes it appear slightly off.

This can be remedied (i.e. returned in appearance to the old design) by setting the line-height to ~25px like this (right now it's at 40px for all sites):

25px line height

Alternatively (and better-looking, in my opinion), you can just remove the property entirely, leaving it in line with the "less info" and the username:

No line height

Either way is better than the current design, though.

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