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Straightforward question. Why must one earn a number of reputation points before being able to see how many down-votes a particular question has? It is understandable why other features are given to users with a certain number of reputation points, such as create tags, or review suggested edits, because indeed, only a trusted user should be able to do these things, i.e someone who is serious about SO.

But I don't see any benefit of giving only privileged users the ability to see down-votes, is there some underlying reason for this, or is it simply to give people some kind of goal on SO, so as to keep them hooked or what not?

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It's because the process to get vote counts is more expensive, and as such could be abused by low-rep users.

You can actually still view vote counts, however, using an undocumented function: the timeline display.

Take any question URL, eg https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/284289/why-should-only-a-privileged-user-get-to-see-down-votes. Then, change the questions part to posts, and replace everything after the numbers with timeline. So you would get https://meta.stackoverflow.com/posts/284289/timeline.

You can also use this userscript, which enables this functionality without the reputation limit.

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