Is it alright to edit a users posted question/answer that already provides HTML/JS/CSS code so that it is instead used in a Runnable Snippet? I don't mean changing their code at all, I mean changing a question like this so that it no longer utilizes the jsFiddle but instead the new native Runnable Snippet on Stack Overflow.

I feel like this might open a can of worms in terms of editing, but I feel like it is a tangible improvement to a question/answer.

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  • If you're also fixing other problems in the question then it's fine (leave the JSFiddle link just in case the code doesn't behave the same in a Stack Snippet, as BoltClock pointed out), otherwise don't waste your time (and our time because it'll also bump the post to the front page) with such a minor edit. – user2629998 Jan 22 '15 at 19:02

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