I have read in this question : Why does it take time for the reputation in the flair to get updated?
that flair updates every 24 - 36 hours, which really doesn't matter to me at all. But it started to get weird. Checking my account constantly everyday, my rep has not changed nor has my badge count. After 2 days, I thought it was a minor glitch. Now, about 4 - 5 days/48 - 60 hours, my flair is still not updating. Why is this happening?

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    Your Stack Overflow flair image shows 467 reputation for me, which is accurate as the other +10 just came in half an hour ago. Are you sure you don't still have a cached version on your system? Try a hard refresh. (Addendum: your combined flair actually shows the correct 477 for me.) – animuson Jan 22 '15 at 1:13

We did have an issue with outdated cache flair. It should be resolve this point.

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