I really like that code blocks have a smaller font size now, which makes now 90 characters per line available instead of only 81 - I've often went for the maximum when carefully word-wrapping comments so that there was no horizontal overflow.

On the contrary, the font size in the editor textarea had been increased (when it changed to a non-monospace font, which was OK); and has not been decreased again when we got Courier back.

Compare the old editor: old editor, with two lines of code block that exhaust the 81 available characters of the old column width

to the new design: new editor, with code blocks lines that overflow in the editor at 81 characters and even more with the newly available 90

Even the old code blocks (85 characters width in the editor) do now overflow the editor size, and are soft-wrapped in new lines; which looks really ugly. Please decrease the font size so that 94 characters fit in a single editor line.

  • +6/-4 seems quite controverse. Please formulate an answer to share your opinions!
    – Bergi
    Jan 21, 2015 at 12:39


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